Kylie's Story

KylieWritten in 2005 by Kylie's family.

From Kylie's perspective:
When I was really little I left my littermates and went to live with a family. I don’t remember a whole bunch but I think I was called a “present.” Well I’ll tell you, you don’t want to be a “present” Not long after I arrived my “birthday boy” jumped off the couch and broke my leg. It really hurt and I cried and cried, they didn’t know what to do so they just took me to the Oak Park Animal Care League shelter (ACL) and dropped me off.

KylieI think I was still crying but the nice people there gave me something to relax and when I woke up I had a big pink plaster cast on my leg. It was hard to walk but I managed, soon time went by and they told me it was time for my cast to come off. When I woke up my cast was off but I was a little sore, one of the nice volunteers said something about being spayed. Well I was pretty groggy so I fell asleep, when I woke up I knew something was wrong. Everything was smoky and smelled really bad. All my friends were whining and there were these guys with hats and thick coats taking everyone outside. My crate got opened and I was so scared I ran and hid under a desk. I wasn’t sure what to do but it got smokier and harder to breath. Then all of a sudden Pat from the ACL was scooping me up, and we were running out.

KylieI found out later I was the last one out and Pat had run back in past the firemen to save me. THANKS PAT!

When my Mom and Dad (to be) heard about the fire they wanted to make a donation, even their two cats chipped in. My Mom came in with all kinds of stuff and then asked the “big question” do you have any puppies that need a home? I was in foster care since none of us could stay at the shelter due to the fire, but she came to see me and said I was the one. My Dad was out of town on business but he came the next day and I could tell by his smile I was going to a new home. Boy was I glad. I’d had a pretty tough start in my 4 months and was glad to be going HOME.

About a month after I got to my new home, my mom noticed my gate (my walk) wasn’t getting better even though my leg had gotten stronger. We went to visit my Vet who shook her head a lot and didn’t seem happy. Well I’m not quite sure what went on as they gave me something to make me sleepy and when I woke up everyone was looking at pictures of my hip bones. Next we had to leave and go to a specialist, he shook his head a lot and said something about grade 3 and TPO’s [triple pelvic osteometry for hip dysplasia] for both hips. We went home and there were lots of tears and hugs. I’d been through a lot and I was a bit nervous as to what would happen.

KylieMy mom got on the internet, saying something about looking for alternatives. She happened to come across a website for TOPS Rehab in Grayslake, IL, called and we were visiting there the next day. Dr. McCauley said she couldn’t promise anything but that we might want to try rehab to build up my muscles and that might negate or push off the need for a TPO. She also said I had to be kept thin, like Kate Moss, I knew I looked good, but really…

Well my therapy started right away, for a year we made trips, sometimes 3 times a week for the Hydro-Treadmill, Acupuncture, Massage and even this special jog-a-dog treadmill. Well it all paid off! Today I’m almost 5 and I’m doing good. I don’t have the classic GSD rolling gate but I don’t have any pain and run and play with the best of them. Best of all I’ve got a great family, a warm bed and my dad’s office is dog friendly so I even get to go to work most days,

Pretty good turn out for this dog’s life!

— Chris from Illinois 

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