Why should I feed premium dog food?

We feel strongly that good nutrition makes a difference. Dog foods vary greatly in their quality. All rescue dogs should be fed a premium dog food. Below is a summary of some of the references in Premium Vs. Grocery Brand Foods:

Premium Brand Grocery Brand
Consistency of recipe Actual food can vary bag to bag
Meat is primary Protein Source Usually soybeans are primary protein
Feed less per serving Feed more to keep dogs' weight up
No to few fillers Very full of fillers
Rice or barley as carbohydrate source Lots and lots of corn (not easy to digest)
Meat products Meat by-products (can actually be feathers)
Much less stool, consistent and solid Much more stool, diarrhea, vomiting
No gas Lots of gas, stomach irritation
Same price per serving as Grocery Expensive, due to increased servings
Healthy, Shiny coat and skin Dull coat, dry flaky skin
Healthier dog in long run More health problems


Premiums recommended by German Shepherd Rescue include:

For adult dogs: Bil Jac, Pro Plan, Eukanuba Large Breed Adult, Diamond, Eagle Pak, Waltham, Nature's Recipe, Nutro Large Breed Adult

For puppies: Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy, IAMS Large Breed Puppy, Nature's Recipe – Puppy, Bil Jac Puppy, Nutro Large Breed Puppy

Grocery brand pet foods are not as nutritionally balanced and do not have the consistency in recipe needed to maintain the overall health of your pet. Please use only premium diets.

Please avoid grocery brands, as they have been proven detrimental to canine health over continued use. Anytime a food contains high levels of poor digestible carbohydrates (corn), Animal by-products (not meat), has high levels of salt, sugar, and/or artificial flavors and colors, and lacks minerals, vitamins, and supplements such as glucosamine/chondroitin, they are just not as good for your pet.

Written February 2007 by Elizabeth Riddle, President of the Central IL GSD Rescue.