About Us

The Central Illinois German Shepherd Dog Rescue is committed to finding loving homes for German Shepherd Dogs.

Each dog is given a thorough personality test, health check and background evaluation. If the dog that is rescued is without a background profile, the dog will be tested, begin training immediately and be evaluated for an appropriate period of time before being placed for adoption in a proper home.

Every dog will be given as much obedience training as necessary and possible before adoption. All dogs will be housed in a proper area for German Shepherds including a dry and safe place to rest. The dogs will also be fed a nutrient rich diet to put them in their peak health before adoption.

German Shepherds, in particular, need special care to maintain their mental health through stimulation and training. We believe they will adjust and respond better to other people, pets and situations if their mental and physical health is maintained properly.

All potential owners will be responsible to declare their commitment to the dog and breed before adoption will be permitted.

Proper housing, food, grooming, obedience training and general care will be required of the potential owner. The owner must also be aware that future checks on the dogs' progress will occur to confirm that both the owner and pet are satisfied with the match made through the adoption.

Sometimes personalities or situations do not match or work out and this is acceptable, however we require that all of our dogs be returned to us in such a situation so that we may find another happy and healthy home for our "kids".

German Shepherd Rescue hopes that we may be a community and nationwide service to all that need to find a home for an animal or for those who have a home for an animal. Please contact us if we can help you or your organization.

What is Pure-Breed Rescue?
Pure-Breed Rescue is a group of people throughout the United States who have a love for a particular breed, or see a breed of dog that needs help. They then start organizations that specialize in that breed This helps in a number of ways.

First the animals get top notch care from experts who know the breed, their temperament, behaviors, health particularities, and care needs.

Second by taking the pure-bred dogs from owners that cannot care for them, from animal shelters, humane organizations, or animal controls, they open needed spaces for other dogs in need.

Third they offer an outlet for people who love a particular breed to both help an animal in need, and get a pure-bred dog for their family at a relatively low cost.

What you should expect from a Pure-Breed Rescue?

All of the dogs should be required to be spayed or neutered before or soon after adoption.

They should be vaccinated, behavior tested, and you will be asked numerous questions to pick the dog that will suit you best.

Full disclosure of behavior problems, health problems, and as much history as possible should be shared with you.

Many of our dogs have NEVER known a day of mistreatment or abuse, and just need new homes.

Please do not judge a rescue dog as a throw away pet or one with problems.

At Central Illinois German Shepherd Dog Rescue, our dogs must get along with men, women, children, small and large dogs, cats, and be easily handled by a veterinarian, groomer, and family.

There is zero tolerance for biting animals, all known biters are not adoptable.

What is the History of the Central Illinois German Shepherd Dog Rescue?
Officially founded in November of 1997, CI GSD Rescue was created for the sole purpose of aiding purebred German Shepherd Dogs in need. Our purpose, to take needy GSD from animal controls, other animal welfare organizations, and homes that no longer want them and find them new homes after putting them into peak health and neutering them. We would like to end the need for rescue by preventing unwanted breedings and educating pet owners not to breed.

Why purebreds?
SadieElizabeth is an animal behaviorist and an obedience instructor. As someone who has over 15 years of experience professionally with dogs, people had come to her and asked for help for unwanted dogs.

At the time of the founding of the Central Illinois German Shepherd Dog Rescue (CIGSDR), Elizabeth's obedience dog was a German Shepherd Dog named Sadie who was in the process of rehabilitation from a terrible person advertising themselves as a breeder. Sadie had been left in a garage with about 14 other GSD's and almost no human interaction. At 8 months old, she was working hard to trust any human.

Since the public often saw Sadie at Elizabeth's side, many people began to ask questions regarding rescuing various needy Shepherds.

Having recently moved to the Champaign-Urbana area from up north, Elizabeth went looking for the area breed rescue organizations. Not finding nearly as many as there are up north, she felt obligated to start one.

The first year, CIGSDR placed over 25 dogs, the second year CIGSDR placed and aided over 100 dogs. The CIGSDR desires to help as many dogs as possible with the hope that someday these services will no longer be needed because all pet dogs will be spayed/neutered and living in loving, forever homes.