The Central Illinois German Shepherd Dog rescue has been finding loving homes for German Shepherd Dogs for over ten years. View the Alumni of this rescue by clicking on a link below:

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Some sponsors have given gifts and have not designated which dog their donation should be given to. These donors are listed below:


2008 Fur Funders:

The Feinberg family. Dale & Maxine Manning in honor of Lakota. Steve Hitz in memory of Marah & Gretchen. Mark & Janet Koonce in honor of Bodie, Gracie & Mo. Peter Kuk. Bonnie Layland. John Stein. Michael and Sherry Eckert in honor of Noir and Hank. Vickey Hollingsworth in memory of Scout.

Special Thanks (2008):


2007 Fur Funders:

Lois Hall in memory of Harley & Dusty. The Koonce's in honor of Bodie, Gracie & Mo. The Hehns in honor of Buddy & Barney. Dolores Hughes and Mikey. Gerry Haas and Bailee. Chrissy Little in honor of doggie friends that aren't "perfect". Steve Hitz in memory of Marah & Gretchen. Mary Van Meer in honor of Betsy. Michelle Liberton.

Special Thanks (2007):


Special Thanks (2006):


Special Thanks (2005):