1998 Alumni

Duncan (renamed Pampa) — Adopted September 16, 1998

Update: Duncan has been spoiled and loved very much. He has grown into a beautiful German Shepherd and seems very happy in his home.

While in rescue:
Duncan was an adorable and handsome pup. He had proved to be too much dog for his first family. After two weeks, they figured out that a German Shepherd was not the breed for them. He was quickly adopted by a wonderful longtime German Shepherd owning man

Please research a new dog very seriously before bringing one home. Duncan could have avoided this early change of homes if his first family had done some leg work to research the breed. Had they done so, they could have better determined what their family was capable of caring for.

Duke — Adopted September 1998

While in rescue: Duke was a very happy young male that loved his treats and would sit like a king with his head tilted in a very cute manner for a snack. He liked his doggy friends and annoyed the kitties.

Polar (renamed Prince)— Adopted on August 8, 1998
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While in rescue: Polar, and his sister Princess (now Jasmine) were a very cute pair of sweet dogs. Polar had some house-training issues and went to a friend's farm for some intensive potty training. In a few weeks he weasled himself into a permanent home at the farm where he resides and plays to this day. He also doesn't mess his crate, pen, or even yard! He now runs into the woods or fields to potty.

Mandy Lynn — Adopted on August 6, 1998
Mandy Lynn
Update: Unfortunately with the combination of terrible breeding, at the still very young age of three, Mandy suffered gastric torsion (bloat). She had been such a fighter and was given the surgery to correct the illness (which occurred within 20 minutes of torsion due to excellent vet care). However, she died early the next morning of toxemia, a common complication of gastric torsion post surgically.

While in rescue: Mandy-Lynn had been dumped by the person who produced her and was only 9 weeks old when our vet immediately diagnosed PDA (patent ductus arteriosis). This required Mandy to have open heart surgery at the young age of 11.5 weeks old. Though she coded (appeared to pass away) twice during surgery, she survived and grew up into a sweet and pretty adult.

The person who produced Mandy Lynn is an alleged "breeder" who is known to dump her puppies on several different rescues when she doesn't want them. In addition, she breeds genetically faulty German Shepherds. If you do choose to purchase a puppy, and to avoid breeders of this nature, please read our Frequently Asked Question on What constitutes a good breeder? The person who produced Mandy Lynn is still showing and breeding and still dumps her "defective" puppies on rescue groups. Be wary of poor puppy producers, these people do not deserve to be called breeders.

Princess (renamed Jasmine) — Adopted on June 15, 1998

Update: Princess is still her neighborhood's favorite dog. Neighborhood kids ask to play with her, she is sweet as ever, and quite "well-nourished". We are so happy to see neglected pups go to such wonderful homes and thrive.

While in rescue: Princess is the sister of Prince (Polar). This pair was so sweet. Princess endeared herself to a volunteer within days of her arrival. Princess then easily made her way to that permanent home.

Zest — Adopted on April 19, 1998

Update: We received a picture of Zest sprawled out on a leather couch asleep with the following note on the back of the picture "she isn't allowed on the furniture" Hee hee...

While in rescue: Zest was literally our rags to riches Cinderella story. Zest was found with her sister in a dumpster scrounging for food. Her sister was adopted quickly by a veterinary student who was assisting with her spay. We received Zest after she didn't find a home as quickly. After a lot of grooming, Zest was a beautiful plush coat female. At an adoption day in northern Illinois, a family just walked right up to her and fell in love. She now lives with two kids who adore her and has everything her heart desires.

Storm Trooper — Adopted on April 2, 1998

Update: Troooper is great around horses, and loves to run in the fields

While in rescue: Storm Trooper was a handsome young male. Trooper was such a ham! He liked water, toys, other dogs...everybody! He was adopted to a farm where he was thrilled to have all of his doggy friends.

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