2003 Alumni

Reno - Adopted on December 28, 2003
While in rescue: Reno was a black/tan, male, neutered, 90 pound, German Shepherd Dog. He was 2 years old and an extremely sweet boy that was very cuddly (a gentle giant). He apparently had experienced some very sad things. The fact that a huge male German Shepherd would cower at a raised voice is a sure sign of a yellow-bellied human interaction. Some spineless idiot must have thought he was something at some point, to cause Reno to be so submissive to a raised voice or a loud noise. Reno was just a perfect dog and didn't deserve or need a heavy hand. We hope that the person who hurt Reno in the past gets what he deserves someday.

Reno's sponsor: Jennifer and Ryan Lane, in honor of Reggie

Romeo - Adopted December 21, 2003
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While in rescue: Romeo was a black/tan, neutered, 6 month old German Shepherd Dog, puppy. He was handsome, sweet, and very puppy. Only families that were ready for a large and rambunctious addition to their family were asked to apply.

Romeo's sponsors: Terry and Janie O'Donnell

Riese and Vinnie — Reclaimed November, 2003
Riese Vinnie
While in rescue: Riese and Vinnie were senior citizens at 8 and 9 years old. They were fully vaccinated and neutered. They had lived together most of their lives and therefore had to be placed together. Vinnie was having a bit harder time with his change in location, but his brother helped him out a lot. Riese (getting his neck scratched in the photo) was a gorgeous purebred male, and Vinnie was an adorable Shepherd mix. Their daddy became very ill and had to be moved to a nursing home. Their owner's daughter would have loved to have been able to take them, but lived far away and in an apartment dwelling where two large dogs were not welcome by the landlord. It was a heartbreaking decision for her to leave the dogs in someone else's care. Fortunately, Riese and Vinnie's owner recovered and reclaimed them. Both dogs were so happy to see him!

Junior - Adopted November 1, 2003
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While in rescue: Junior was a 10-12 month old, neutered, solid black, male, German Shepherd Dog. He was very active and sweet, loved to play, and got along with other dogs, annoyed cats a bit with his energy, but was not dangerous around them. He had been around horses, but liked to chase, so was never off lead around the horses. Junior was willing to please. His training was going well, but he needed an active home that wanted a dog they could spend time and play with. Junior was a great dog and wouldl be an outstanding dog with some direction and more training.

Junior's sponsor: JBWC25, who loves German Shepherds as much as we do!

Spring (renamed Dottie) - Adopted October 9, 2003
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Spring was born 7/29/03. Her and 3 others from her litter came into rescue together. Two black and tan two fawn with black masks and four very distinct personalities! The largest fawn was the pack leader. She was very intelligent and curious. She would give her future owners the greatest rewards in obedience and training. She was always looking for something to do and to lead her sisters around on adventures. The smaller fawn was a absolute doll. She was very affectionate and searched for love and approval. She stuck close to her sisters for reassurance and support. The black and tan with the tan mask was very affectionate and would come up to you to get attention. She was a cuddler and a smoocher. She wanted to be loved and let you know it. She had a very nicely balanced personality. The black and tan with the darker mask was very sweet and lovable, but a bit more secure in herself and would check things out herself. She was a good dog and would be great for someone wanting a loyal loving pet, that could entertain themselves if when their owner is busy, rather than being under foot, glued to your side for the next 16 years.

Summer (renamed Sammie) — Adopted on October 11, 2003
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While in rescue: Summer was born July 29, 2003. Her and 3 others from her litter came into rescue together.

Fall - Adopted on October 12, 2003
While in rescue: Fall was born July 29, 2003. Her and 3 others from her litter came into rescue together.

Winter (renamed Wrigley) — Adopted on October 26, 2003
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While in rescue: Winter was born July 29, 2003. Her and 3 others from her litter came into rescue together.

Jazz (renamed Giselle) - Adopted on October 5, 2003
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While in rescue: Jazz was a black/tan spayed female German Shepherd Dog that weighed about 60 pounds. She was 1-2 years old and was a very human-oriented dog (the ultimate velcro accessory to any outfit!). She loved hugs and kisses and was more interested in you than anything else. She got along well with the other dogs and is okay with cats. She had been around our child and had done well. She was a more dominant female and asserted herself when playing.

Paige (renamed Sadie), Piper, Phoebe — Adopted on September 28, 2003
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While in rescue: Phoebe had the blonde face, the other two were interchangeable (Phoebe and Piper). They were 12-14 weeks old and were going to be huge! They were very sweet and cuddly and would be wonderful dogs. They had a very rough life. Their previous owner's intact dogs bred together (unplanned) and resulted in a litter of nine pups. The owner sold three, and was going to shoot the other six. He wound up taking them to his local pound. They had excellent care from the people at the shelter, but during a brief visit to the veterinarian, contracted Parvo from another litter of puppies. They were in foster care when they became ill, but due to the nature of Parvo, three puppies didn't make it. These three sisters were the only ones left, and after all of this movement and trauma, through cooperation of multiple shelters, rescues, and foster homes, these girls have been saved. We want to thank everyone who was involved.

Mischief— Adopted on September 20, 2003
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While in rescue: Mischief was a black/tan, neutered male, 8-9 week old, German Shepherd Dog puppy. He was living up to his name! This little guy was very active. He needed a lot of love, obedience, and time from his new owners for training. He was sweet, but had a strong personality that would require a skilled hand throughout his life. This little sweetheart was left to fend for himself, abandoned by a lake. He was very scared when we picked him up, and thankfully came around quite well.

Alli - Adopted on September 15, 2003
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While in rescue: Alli was a black/red, 3-4 year old, spayed, female, German Shepherd Dog that was very friendly with puppies, small dogs, male and female dogs, and cats. She had a stoic personality and was a very cuddly people-dog, but still liked to play with other dogs. She had adopted Habibi (the puppy) as her friend and little pup to raise.

When Alli was spayed, there was evidence that she had several litters in her life and her maternal instinct was apparent around the other small dogs and young animals. Alli did have three lumps removed (that were discovered during her spay surgery) and they were all benign. These mammary lumps are not unusual in unspayed and bred females. This is another reason pet owners should always have their pets spayed and neutered.

Sasha - Adopted on September 13, 2003
While in rescue: Sasha was a black/tan, female, spayed, 55 pound. 8-10 months old German Shepherd Dog. She was a very sweet female puppy that had a lot of energy, but was very cuddly and loving. She got along with all of the dogs and cats, had been very gentle around the baby, and was a generally well adjusted puppy with no signs of abuse. She was a little cautious in new environments and people, but her caution usually melt quickly into a waggly tail!

Sheba - Adopted on August 23, 2003
While in rescue: Sheba was a 10-11 month old, black/silver, spayed, female, plush coat, petite German Shepherd, weighing only about 53 pounds. She was very gentle and knew her basic commands. She could play off lead without worry. She got along with other dogs and would chase cats, but without any real prey drive. She had been around horses without incident. She was extremely gentle and calm around small children.

Fancy (renamed Mattie) - Adopted on August 22, 2003
While in rescue: Fancy was a black/tan, spayed, female, German Shepherd Dog that was about 8 months old. She was an active young pup, who loved people and got along with other animals. She was a top dog which means she could share a home with certain dogs, but would definitely need to meet her future companion to make sure their personalities would be compatible. Fancy was very sweet, loved to play, and had been around horses without incident.

Due to poor breeding (backyard breeding), Mattie was found to have severe hip dysphasia. Although her new family was willing to provide surgery for Mattie, the reality is that surgery and recovery for dysplasia of this degree would not be a humane decision. Mattie's family made the humane decision in January of 2004 to euthanize. Mattie's new dad was present and held her while her vet respectfully put her to sleep. Although all our dogs are special, Mattie was very special to one of our volunteers, and she has been missed.

Those who do not practice good breeding are backyard breeding. Read our FAQ on What constitutes a good breeder?

Kiah - Adopted August 21, 2003
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While in rescue: Kiah was a 2 year old, spayed, female black/tan German Shepherd Dog that weighed about 65 pounds. She was a sweet dog that knew her basic commands and enjoyed playing with her doggie friends, and did well around babies, children, and horses. She was a little excited when a cat ran by, but she didn't waste her time hunting them when they were just walking around. She was a more independent dog that enjoyed cuddles and playing with her people, but was just as content exploring on her own, or laying in the shade. A beautiful girl, she has done well around babies and children.

Mahina - Adopted July 29, 2003
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While in rescue: Mahina (the moon), a 1 year old, male, neutered White German Shepherd didn't seem to know how to play with toys at first, but he soon found a liking for playing with tennis balls! He also loved his Nylabone! He walked well on a leash, but needed some more experience in this area. In general, he just needed to experience most things — he looked like a country fella in the big city with wide-eyed wonder at everything he saw. He was eager to play with other dogs, even when they barked at him. He didn't usually bark back, but instead didn't understand why they didn't want to play with him! He loved attention and petting, and, most of all — belly rubs!

Mahina's sponsor: George Mucher, in memory of his wife's childhood pet.

Malea - Adopted July 18, 2003
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While in rescue: Malea was a spayed, female, 1.5-2 year old black/red German Shepherd Dog that was sweet and gentle. She loved to sit and be petted,but would also go lay down when you were doing something. She knew basic commands such as "sit" and "down," and she was very good on a leash which was such a arm saver! She came when called and would stay close when off-lead. She obviously was somebody's dog. She loved to fetch, and if you asked her to go get her ball, she will search until she found it! She seemed to be fine around dogs and cats and didn't have any food or toy aggression. She had also been around a one and a half year old and did wonderfully with him (under a careful eye of course!) Malea was house and crate trained. She had NEVER had an accident and had the house to roam while her foster mom was at work. Really, this dog was a dream!

Leiah - Adopted on July 6, 2003
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While in rescue: Leiah was a 1.5 year old black/red female that was born on December 24, 2001. She was a joint rescue effort by Faery Tails Corgi Rescue of St. Louis Inc and the Central Illinois German Shepherd Dog Rescue. Leiah was found to be heartworm positive and needed to undergo treatment along with supportive care during this time. She stayed in her foster home for the months during her treatment. Thank you to everyone that sponsored Leiah so that she could receive the treatment she needed.

Leiah's sponsors: Rod & Susan Clement in memory of Niki 7/3/1997 - 7/2/2003, Bruce and Kim Long who spoil their German Shepherd the way every dog should should be spoiled . Peter & Penny Lundquist in memory of Sam, their gentle black Shepherd. Richard Jones, on behalf of Jonesy and IKC champion Natasha vom Dukes. Jeff Timmerman and his German Shepherd, Nikki , The Hehns family, in honor of Buddy, a fellow heartworm survivor. Korrin Malen in memory of her beloved, Shadow. Jan Miller, in memory of Cain. Terri Maxwell.Rebecca Kuk in loving memory of her beloved, Oscar. Mark Biagi and his German Shepherd, Bella. Eric Blum in honor of Freia. Jessie Arian: "To one Leiah in memory of another Leia."

Brutus - Adopted on June 30, 2003
While in rescue:
Brutus was a 4-5 year old, male, black and tan German Shepherd Dog. He was truly a gentle giant that stole all of our hearts the second we met him. We didn't dare believe he was just as wonderful as his first impression appeared, but he proved all that and more. This over 100 pounds of sweetie and is happy indeed to be in his forever home!

Jimmy - Adopted June 2003
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Jimmy's sponsors: Carolyn & Scott Wallace (fellow parrotheads) in memory of Tigger the cat. Rebecca Kuk has provided a triple sponsorship in loving memory of her beloved Oscar the GSD. Don Maxon (in honor of Becky, and in memory of Samantha, his black/tan Shepherd). Also sponsoring Jimmy: Kathleen Braun.

Habibi - Adopted June 1, 2003
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While in rescue: Habibi (meaning: beloved) was a very active, very out-going, and very bouncy spayed, female 22 week old, little White German Shepherd Dog. She loved people, ignored the cats for the most part, and just had a blast bouncing around. She walked on a leash without pulling (it was more like walking Tigger since she bounced). She would be a perfect agility dog or happy at any other active sport that someone would like to do with their pet. She aimed to please, had a sparkling personality, loved attention and anyone that would give it to her!

Holland - Adopted on June 1, 2003
While in rescue: Holland was a sweet, fun-loving, playful 10 month old, female, spayed, German Shepherd pup that was black with tan boots. She had a squeaky toy that she loved. She didn't squeak it much, but would rather carry it around and show it off! She enjoyed playing with the other dogs and had been super-friendly to all the rescue volunteers. Her tail just couldn't stop wagging!

Holland's sponsor: Susan Caley, in honor of RJ

Monty - Adopted April 27, 2003
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While in rescue: Monty was a handsome 1.5 year old, neutered, male, black/tan German Shepherd Dog. He had the most brillant eyes! He was always ready to play with his doggie friends, but was laid back and well mannered around his human companions

Arrow (renamed Kaiser) - Adopted April 19, 2003
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While in rescue:
Arrow was a cute, 12 week old, neutered male German Shepherd mix. He was very outgoing and was not phased by much. He was pretty compliant and clean, but would be a very active member of his family! He had been good with the cats and dogs, but then again, they were bigger than he was!

Trinity - Adopted on April 14, 2003
While in rescue: Trinity was a 1 year old,black/tan, spayed, German Shepherd that came to us after her mom passed away. Trinity was a sweet, yet shy girl. However, it took only a few pets and hugs to get her to warm up to you. She also got along well with other dogs.

Buddy - Adopted April 14, 2003
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While in rescue:
Buddy was a 2-3 year old, neutered, large, black/tan, German Shepherd mix that completed his adult heartworm treatment while in our care.

Buddy's sponsors: Lori Broach, in honor of her German Shepherd mix, Leia's, 2nd birthday. Sean Slayback.

Gentle Ben - Adopted in 2003
Gentle Ben
While in rescue:
Gentle Ben, a male, neutered 1-1.5 year old, black/tan German Shepherd Dog got along with cats and dogs, was crate trained, house trained, and a good dog. He ould not be left out unattended because he was still very puppy and liked shoes and other household goods for chew toys. His favorite dog toys were his Rhino toy and his Nyla-Bone. He would sit and chew these toys for a long time. Gentle Ben had a very rough beginning to his life and had worked hard to trust his caretakers. He was terrified of leashes, but soon tenatively walked around the block, acting like it is the first time he has ever seen the great big world. He did not like car rides very much, but just needed a boost into the car. He was scared once he was in the car, but he hung in there!

Ritz - Adopted on March 23, 2003
While in rescue: Ritz was a 1 year old, neutered, male, White German Shepherd Dog that weighed about 80 pounds. He was a sweet puppy that loved to play with other dogs and loved people.

Ritz's sponsor: Gracie Post

Angus - Adopted on March 5, 2003
While in rescue: Angus was a cuddle-muffin and as sweet as can be. He thought he was a lap dog and wanted nothing more and to be hugged, loved-on and petted at all times, although at times he would settle for just snuggling up next to his human.

Duke - Adopted originally on February 15, 2003
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While in rescue: Duke was a very well-behaved, four year old male German Shepherd Dog. He knew all of his commands well, walked well on a leash, and was a huge fluffy teddy bear of a dog with paws the size of dinner plates.

RJ - Adopted January 12, 2003
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While in rescue:
RJ was a a very lovable, one year old, little guy (60 pounds) that loved his people and to cuddle with them! He got along well with all dogs, large and small, and all personalities. He was great around cats and horses too! He had a rough beginning to his life and was ready to start over in his forever home with lots of food and love.

RJ's sponsors: Susan Caley, in memory of her German/Australian Shepherd, Elvis (aka: woo woo baby). Also sponsoring RJ: Kate & Dan Muravnick

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