2002 Alumni

Zeke - Adopted on December 31, 2002
While in rescue: Zeke was only at the rescue a short time Prior to adoption. He was a very endearing, young, neutered, male, black, large German Shepherd Dog (possibly a mix). Although he was young, he was well behaved house dog that could be trusted out of a crate and is became accustomed to being very spoiled thanks to his foster mom. He had quickly learned several commands and walked well on a leash. The only mystery regarding Zeke's family tree was his short round ears. They were not quite the 'radars' (tall, pointy ears) Shepherd people are used to, but very cute all the same. He was our little teddy bear!

Delila - Adopted on December 21, 2002
While in rescue: Delila was a 1 year old, spayed, White German Shepherd Dog. They just do not come sweeter than this little girl! She wa a petite sweetheart that adored her human companions and just begged for snuggles. She was a dog rescued by both White Shepherd Rescue and this rescue. She was an owner giveup along with her sister. They were both in terrible shape, extremely malnourished with absolutely no medical care. They both had their AKC papers, but, before coming to us, had no vet care, no preventative medications, and obviously little food. The greatest sadness that weighs on our hearts is that Delila's sister did not survive surgery before coming into our care and will never know the kindness of a loving home. Fortunately, Delila found that special place and now can spoiled enough for the both of them. Her sister was beautiful and so was she.

Zena - Adopted December 7, 2002
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While in rescue: Zena was a 55-60 pound, adult, black/tan plush coat German Shepherd that loved to sit on laps and got along with other dogs and cats. She was a very clean young lady and housebroken.

Kodiak - Adopted on December 1, 2002
While in rescue: Kodiak was a spunky 10-11 month old, White German Shepherd with very soft fur. He was really a gorgeous dog! He was still a puppy and wanted to play all the time. Because of his energy level and his tendency to jump when he was excited, he was seen as a dog that would do well in a home without small children. He was very sweet and loving. Sometimes he thought he was a lap dog, but being 61 pounds, it was hard for him to fit on a lap! He loved playing with his toys, especially his stuffed frog and treat ball. He could do "sit," "down," and on a good day he could "heal." Sometimes he needed some encouragement to "sit", but a simple light hand on his hind end worked well. Kodiak loved to chase squirrels on walks, but other than that, he did well on a lead. Kodiak was house and crate trained, was good with other dogs and was almost always the submissive one. He thought that everyone was there to have fun and play with him!

Ginger - Adopted November 23, 2002
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While in rescue: Ginger was a large, 10-11 month old black/tan German Shepherd. She was a very playful female. She just bounced around with enthusiasm and wanted any of the other dogs to run and play with her. She was very snuggly and loving and had the best temperment. She was an owner surrender (due to divorce) and had been through two homes before arriving at the rescue. She was a doll, and after such a mobile childhood was happy to be adopted into her new home and settle down.

Ginger's sponsor: Andrea Graefen

Vegas - Adopted on November 16, 2002
While in rescue: Vegas was a very friendly, young, and pretty, 9 month old, 51 pound, black/tan girl. She had lived with dogs and cats ranging from about 7 pounds to 90+ pounds without a problem. She preferred to eat alone or seperate, but got along with everyone otherwise. She was an owner surrender to an animal control.

Vegas's sponsor: Andra L Blomkalns In Loving Memory of Dutchess (April 12, 1989-October 18, 2002)

Lars (renamed "King Lars")  - Adopted November 11, 2002
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While in rescue: Lars was a large, adult, neutered, black/tan plush coat (long haired) German Shepherd Dog. He was very obedient and people-oriented. This beautiful boy loved to cuddle and fetch his ball. He was great with other animals, children and small dogs, but wouldl not tolerate a dominant dog of the same or larger size. He would not be the aggressor, but wouldn't roll over for another dog either. He was happy to be adopted so that he could get even more snuggles and give lots of slobbery kisses.

Lar's sponsor: Jennie Kang

Rueger - Adopted on September 29, 2002
While in rescue: Rueger, a black/tan, very large, 2 year old, German Shepherd, was brought to a pound as a stray (almost starved to death), and he weighed only 60 pounds when he arrived at this rescue. He should have been 90-100 pounds (if not more). He had the sweetest temperament and had blossomed while with us. By the time he was adopted, he was obeying all his commands. He must have been a loved and well trained dog at some point in his life.

Rueger's sponsor: Jennie Kang

Luke (renamed Kooper) - Adopted September 21, 2002
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While in rescue: Luke was a 3 month old, black/tan, Shepherd mix that loved to be cuddled and would sit quietly for hours if he could just be on your lap. He also seemed to like water! He was very good about going potty when you took him outside, but like any puppy, needed to be taken out often. He was very good about chewing on his own toys and not the furniture. Of course, as with any puppy, it was difficult to find him still enough for a good picture. As you can see (look at the ears), this picture was a motion shot!

Luke's sponsors: Aileen O'Dea, Terri Maxwell, Kathleen Braun, Kathie Enser, Bruce Long and Kim Long

Cassandra — Adopted on September 17, 2002

Casey — Adopted on September 7, 2002
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Jezabel - Adopted on September 1, 2002
While in rescue: Jezabel was a 9-12 week old, active, black short coat, Border Collie mix. She was very outgoing.

Skadi - Adopted on August 23, 2002
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Briggs - Adopted on August 16, 2002
While in rescue: Briggs was a 5 month old, black/tan, soon to be very large, sweet girl with one giant freckle on her tongue!

Polar - Adopted on August 10, 2002
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While in rescue: Polar Bear was a large, White German Shepherd Dog that needed a lot of tender loving care and good home cookin'. He was only 62 pounds! He had fly bitten ears that, although now healed, would always be a little a shorter than they originally were. He had spent years of his life left outdoors, neglected. However, he still maintained a trusting and loving personality.

Echo - Adopted August 10, 2002
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While in rescue
: Echo was a 9-12 week old Border Collie mix with a medium length, black coat. She was very sweet and submissive. She was searching for, and found, a quiet household with lots of love. She now has the security that will let her blossom.

Fortune & Schotzie — Adopted together on June 4, 2002
Fortune  Schotzie
While in rescue: Fortune was a 54 pound, 4-6 years old, German Shepherd. Schotzie was a 2-3 years old, black/tan, small, 42 pound, German Shepherd. Schotzie loved her food, got a little excited when it was cuddle time or meal time, and was very playful. We believe Fortune to be Schotzy's mother. Fortune had spent the majority of her life pregnant and caged. However, she was a lovable, sweet dog, but a little shy. She needed to be shown the life of a spoiled dog. We are sure she was very happy when we spayed her so that she'd never have to have a litter again.

Sabrina - Adopted May 18, 2002
While in rescue: Sabrina was acquired by the rescue when her "family" left her tied to the garage door of their old house when they moved out of town. She was a sweet 8-10 year old, black/tan German Shepherd who needed immediate medical attention when she came to us to possibly save her life (she had tumors). She could not receive treatment without a sponsor's support. The estimated cost for her needed spay, lump removal and histopath (to determine if the lump was a malignant or benign tumor) was $250. She came through her surgery (thanks to the generous support of wonderful people who funded this).

Krista (renamed Mabel) - Adopted on April 14, 2002
While in rescue: Krista was a 7-8 month old, small, long-haired black coat, Border Collie mix. She was a very intelligent girl. She liked to play fetch, and would be a easy to train. She was one that would need a lot of mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. We recommended her to those looking for an obedience companion or those with an active lifestyle that would include a canine companion.

Bear - Adopted on April 8, 2002
While in rescue: Bear was a 5 1/2 year old (born 5-26-96), big boy at 105 pounds. He sat, would lie down, and shook hands! He was made available for adoption because his family needed to transfer overseas for work. He was a good boy that is seeking a nice, spoiled, indoor home like the one he left behind. He was great with kids and loves to play with toys and sticks. He was very obedient.

Jonah - Adopted on March 16, 2002
While in rescue: Jonah was a large, 2 year old (born 12-25-99), Lab/Shepherd mix. He looked like a sweet, Black Lab puppy and had the energy too! He loved the water and swimming. He was a great mix for any lucky future owner. He was the son of our own Morning Star (that was adopted in 2001).

Rusty - Adopted February 16, 2002
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While in rescue:
Rusty was a 22 week old, red/black German Shepherd pup that loved to play with toys! Especially a ball!

Carmi - Adopted on January 18, 2002
While in rescue: Carmi was a 2 year old, sweet and beautiful, large, black/tan girl. She was quiet and gentle and in need of a loving, spoiling quiet home. She was very submissive and needed gentle words and a gentle hand. She was obedient and intelligent and learned quickly. She got along with other dogs and cats. She loved her humans, however, she was cautious of strangers and loud situations.

Sheila - Adopted on January 18, 2002
While in rescue: Sheila was a 2-3 year old, solid black, house-trained, sweet, loving, and calm German Shepherd girl. She loved nothing more than to sprawl out and snooze!

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