1999 Alumni

Journey (JoJo) — Adopted on December 27, 1999

While in rescue: Journey was a tiny, little, fluff ball with two little black eyes. It didn't take long for this little one to find a home. We weren't sure if he was mixed with Keeshond or another breed because he was so very fluffy, yet he grew into quite a handsome boy and eventually was sporting the normal German Shepherd coat.

Andy — Adopted on November 26, 1999
While in rescue: Andy was a big, muscular boy with a lot of energy. He was thrilled to move out to the country and have room to run and play with doggy and human friends alike!

Sergeant — Adopted on October 27, 1999

While in rescue: Sergeant was a gorgeous male that was short and thick. He was very much the epitome of the German breeding program. His rich coat color and quiet demeanor made him a choice pick for the family that adopted him.

Cammie — Adopted on October 2, 1999

While in rescue:
Cammie arrived at the rescue with a rusted crate full of mud and a face full of old, deep scars. This dear girl, with her half floppy ears, just wanted to be safe, clean, and warm. At an adoption fair, she found her chance with a wonderful family that provided here with a brand new, huge Great Dane crate in their beautiful home and manicured/landscaped back yard.

Grizzley — Adopted on October 2, 1999

While in rescue: Grizzley (Griz, or WD-40 or 30-weight, as he was lovingly called) found his way to the rescue when his owners surrendered him from the back of a pickup truck that was just full of open oil containers. He was soaked to the skin with motor oil. Six baths in trusty Dawn dish soap and there was a dog under all of that oil! Griz was also adopted by the family who adopted Cammie, because he was so young and playful for the kids. We can be sure they won't transport him in a filthy pick-up full of oil!

Mama — Adopted on September 25, 1999
While in rescue: Mama (Mother Theresa) was a beautiful white female. She received a name that reflected her duty to her family. She was bred intentionally by her owner, who dumped her and her 4 boys at the pound because he didn't want them anymore. The young puppies and mom hadn't had a clean home, let alone any food, for a very long time. Mama was literally the worst case of skin hanging on bones that the rescue had ever seen, and believe it or not, she actually had some milk for her pups! She was literally killing herself to feed her puppies. Since most females with pups facing distress will abandon or kill their pups to prevent such neglectful conditions, she was a gem of a special dog to behave like that. When we bathed all of them, the water ran red with old dried blood from the thousands of fleas we washed off and finally killed of with Advantage flea medication. We thought these dogs were tan in color. We were surprised a few baths later when they were all very much white (except Frito, he slightly red tinged)! The pups were thrilled to be weened onto endless bowls of puppy food and Mama was given free feed of all the Eukanuba she wanted. Along with love and exercise, she blossomed into the most angelic and beautiful creature. Her perfect adoptive family said she was "the one" right away when they met her. Before they even knew the story, they commented on her angelic quality.

Kota Red — Adopted on September 22, 1999
Kota Red
While in rescue: Kota Red was a very impressive sable male with intelligent eyes. He drew us into his thoughts, that mainly included "let's play!" He found a great home with an active gentleman who loved to throw a ball as much as Kota liked to fetch!

Holly-Belle — Adopted on September 9, 1999
Update: Holly-Belle became the friend and guardian of that family's children within a week and lives a happy and loved life now.

While in rescue: Holly-Belle was a sweet female,. She was the last of four females that were being visited by a family interested in adopting a Shepherd. The family was having a tough time deciding, because they had liked all of the girls they had played with that day. Five minutes into their visit with Holly-Belle the father came out and said that she was the one.

Van Gogh — Adopted to God on September 9, 1999
(passed away due to epilepsy)

Zeus — Adopted on August 24, 1999
Update: Zeus weekends at his grandparents who have many, many acres to run and play and other dog pals to play with. He is living exactly the life that would fit a pup like himself.

While in rescue: Zeus was a handsome black/red male. He was a playful male that got in more trouble with the ladies than any dog we have ever known! He liked to sneak up on them and give them a tiny nip on the butt, and he paid for that trick a couple times. Who better than a single male vet student to adopt him! Together they are a great pair, and we have a feeling Zeus helped his human with the human ladies, at least better than he did himself for the doggie ladies.

Grace — Adopted on August 22, 1999

While in rescue: Grace came to the rescue looking frail and thin, but proved to be quite the tough girl. She did well with love, food, and exercise. She filled out and acted and looked like the top dog we always knew she was!

Dapper (renamed Nicholas) — Adopted on August 21, 1999
While in rescue: Dapper (a drug bust pup) had been bred to be mean and protect illegal drugs. Fortunatly he came around quite nicely after a few weeks of gentle love. He was adopted by a wonderful gentleman who was a classical musician and soothed Dapper into a happy life.

Kali — Adopted on August 14, 1999
Update: Kali happily resides in a home where she enjoys being bossed around by a mini poodle and a gang of cats. They apparently they all keep each other entertained!

While in rescue: Kali was a pretty plush-coat, white female. This happy ball of fluff always wanted to be a lap dog. She like to hang close to her friends and was very active. Here picture is of a rare lounging moment!

Radar — Adopted on August 10, 1999

While in rescue: Radar was a small, little pup with the biggest ears, even for a Shepherd! His name reflected his ears. He eventually wind up growing into his ears and became quite an attractive young dog.

Nicki (Juno)— Adopted on July, 28, 1999

While in rescue: Nicki (renamed Juno by her new family) was an arranged marriage that worked our beautifully. Her new male companion had been lonesome as a single Shepherd living with two greyhounds. The two Greyhounds did their quick laps around the yard and then lounged in the yard, just as he was warmed up to play. His human daddy came to visit the rescue in search of a female friend for this poor guy. Now they all run out together and when the Greyhounds begin to lounge, the two Shepherds can keep on playing! A balanced family finally!

Dally — Adopted on July 5, 1999
While in rescue: Dally (a drug bust pup — see Dapper) was a little one that went to a nice big family.

Hami (Casper) — Adopted on May 15, 1999

While in rescue: Hami (renamed Casper by his new family) (one of Mother Theresa's babies — see Mama) was a little scapper beat starvation and severe illness to charm his way into a family and grow to a nice sized, well nourished, young dog.

Dakota — Adopted on May 2, 1999
Update: Dakota has been doing extremely well and goes to work with dad quite a bit. She now has a new human "puppy" to protect and raise!

While in rescue: Dakota was a beautiful German Shepherd that picked her parents out. They were at the pet store to buy cat food for their kitty, and they resuce was having a pet showing that day. Dakota pulled a bit on the leash, walked over to a man and sat on his feet. They weren't looking to adopt a dog at all, but a few well timed leans and kisses to mom and they were hooked! Some dogs are very proactive about finding their new homes!

Tanya (renamed Rennie) — Adopted on April 13, 1999
While in rescue: Tanya was very reserved, quiet, and well behaved. She was just what the doctor ordered for her new daddy. He was looking for an uncomplicated woman and she fit the bill! She's forever devoted and she doesn't ask for half of anything! They have been inseparable, and we've been thrilled to run into them, happy as ever!

Frito — Adopted on March 17, 1999
While in rescue: Frito's (one of Mother Theresa's kids — see "Mama") little red head had endearing ears and a personality to boot. He was very loving and couldn't get enough attention and play time. He loved a good rope toy and playing with his new dog housemate.

Aspen — Adopted on March 17, 1999

Update: Aspen's quiet demeanor and gentleness went a step further when he began to warn his mom of impending seizures. Somehow, he picked up on her body's messages, once even physically grabbing his mom's roomate for help when his mom had a seizure in the tub! Dogs are amazing creautures and they continuously remind us of their endless devotion to a loving owner.

While in rescue: Aspen was a regal male. This rich balck/red male was a sight to see!

Daphney — Adopted on February 27, 1999

While in rescue: Daphney was the perfect example of a German Shepherd (with a handful of silliness and a dash of fun). She was a beautiful girl who was happy to make her place in a family with two kids and a neighbor dog to play with!

Buddy — Adopted on February 12, 1999
Update: Buddy is loved and cared for now, with no worries about when his next meal is coming. He is perfectly content to crash on the floor and sleep most of the day away!

While in rescue: Buddy came into the rescue as a walking skeleton (see picture on left) and sweeter than you could ever dream. He became a well nourished at over 100 pounds. He stood the tallest of any male Shepherd the rescue has ever assisted. He must have had an uncle that was an Irish Wolfhound!

Sonya — Adopted on January 22, 1999
While in rescue: Sonya was a sweetheart of an older girl. She had huge ears and a bigger heart! We never want to know what all these dogs have been through, but we know they are so happy to have even the basic care and love of a meal and a warm place to sleep. Sonya found a nice home to live out her life and didn't hesitate to help herself to some homemade beef stew! Sonya was such a pretty Shepherd and her eyes were much more content after she found her new home.

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