2007 Alumni

Nina - Adopted December 2007
While in rescue: Nina had enough. Having been used to breed by some backyard breeder and tethered to two cinder blocks to keep her inside the yard, Nina was busting out. She managed to get over a four foot fence with the cinder blocks attached. She dragged them through town until she was picked up as a stray. Authorities found out where she had belonged, but her owners didn't want her back if they had to pay for her medical care. Now cleaned up and fed well, after being skinny and dirty, Miss Nina now has a new chance to discover that humans are not completely awful. She has just been a sweet young dog here. She is very interested in everything new and exciting and loving the cuddles and attention. Nina has apparently had litters and is a bit of a dominant female, though she gets along with several dogs. She is entranced with small and furry things and runs up to them in a flash, but other than a feverish sniff down, shows no aggression towards the kitties or smaller dogs.

Nina's sponsors: Sarah Greene. John & Marla Ewers in honor of Kaiser. Debra Cicchella in honor of Samantha. Steve Hitz in memory of Marah & Gretchen. Tricia, Chris and their GSD Kylie. Arnold/Horn family in honor of their foster doggies. Cheryl Smith in honor of King.

Liebe - Adopted December 2007
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While in rescue:
October 2007: Liebe has remained in rescue too long. She is sweet and loving and has everything going for her except that she is a mix breed. She desperately wants a forever loving home. She will drench you with attention, energy, cuddles, and love. If you are into agility, she will sail above the rest. You like obedience, she will do what you want, though she may roll over to have her tummy rubbed! You must have energy and cuddles to spare and you must take her to obedience class and doggie activities. If you are a home with an active lifestyle, she is the dog for you!

Please help her find a home for the holidays, another couple months and she will have been back into rescue for a year through no fault of her own (and because her daddy was a Boxer). If you have love to spare and an enjoyment full of doggie activities, please apply for Liebe...our Super Wonder Dog!

Summer 2006: Poor Liebe is back again. Born on concrete in general population in a pound, rescued, adopted as a puppy, brought back due to divorce, then adopted again. Now she is returned again due to an overstressed, expectant, human mom.

Liebe is an absolute sweetheart and deserves a home where she can stay forever. If you can provide the permanent home Liebe deserves, please apply for Liebe, our beloved German Shepherd (mom), Boxer (dad) mix!

Liebe's sponsors: 2007 sponsors: Angel Wake. John & Marla Ewers in honor of Kaiser. Kaden in honor of his own pets. Sarah Greene. Cheryl Smith in honor of King. Tricia, Chris and their GSD Kylie.
2006 sponsors: Steve Hitz in memory of Marah & Gretchen. Mark & Janet Koonce in honor of Bodie. Tricia & Chris in honor of Kylie. Nicolle White. Cheryl Smith.

Dodger - Adopted November 2007
While in rescue: Dodger was a very skinny, abandoned dog picked up by a family when some kids were being mean to him. Dodger was kept outside while they tried to find someplace safe to send him. Finding a rescue colleague, he was able to come into rescue to find a new life. He is just a happy, young, hyper puppy. He is beautiful, and with some good food, will be a stunning German Shepherd. He is a tall dog and will be quite large. He is in search of a family with good shoes, strong back, and a good obedience school that will love and care for him for the rest of his life.

Dodger's sponsors: Sarah Greene. Stephanie Fleshman. Steve Hitz in memory of Marah & Gretchen. Tricia, Chris and their GSD Kylie.

Dash -Adopted November 2007
While in rescue: Dash is a very handsome young fellow. He lost his home for the same reasons sited in China's bio. Other than some fly strikes to his ears, this handsome devil seeks a loving home, with good cooking, where he can be spoiled rotten. Chances are the perfect family may not come along, but he really does like his sister China and it would be nice if there was a family open for 2 dogs to keep them together.

Dash's sponsors: 2007 sponsors: The Arnold/Horn family in honor of Doc. John & Marla Ewers in honor of canine rescue transporters, sisters Jean & Mary Loyd. Tricia, Chris and their GSD Kylie. Cheryl Smith in honor of King. Suzanne Miclot in memory of Lexi. Mark & Janet Koonce in honor of Bodie.
2005 sponsors: Steve Hitz in memory of Marah. Eric Fidler

Sydney - Adopted November 2007
While in rescue: Sydney was running about a small town for awhile and was very scared and skittish. Good people started to feed her and were finally able to catch her. She came to rescue for medical care and to find a new home. She was extremely scared and just wanted to run. However, her huge feet and sweet personality showed she was just a puppy. After only a week, she is relaxing and enjoying daily food and a safe place to sleep with lots of animal friends. She is doing infinitely better on the leash and doing very, very well in her crate. She is evolving into a wonderfully sweet dog. Sydney went for her spay and check up and they discovered a severe skin infection that we are treating with antibiotics, so hopefully she will be able to be spayed in another week or two (as of September 14, 2007). She needs a home that has the time to acclimate her to humans and learn how to trust and enjoy her new home. We have no doubts she will do very well, but her best start would be an attentive home with limited distractions. She has already been freaked out enough by being a stray, she needs to know the love and stability of a real home now.

Sydney's sponsors:
Sarah Greene. Cheryl Smith in honor of King. John & Marla Ewers in honor of canine rescue transporters, sisters Jean & Mary Loyd. Mark & Janet Koonce in honor of Bodie and Gracie. Steve Hitz in memory of Marah & Gretchen.

Thunder - Adopted October 2007
Update August 31, 2008: After being diagnosed 3 weeks ago with autoimmune spinal meningitis, Thunder had been recovering nicely. His owners spared no expense to help him recover. Unfortunately, despite the best care his vets could provide him, Thunder unexpectedly took a turn for the worse. He now waits at the Rainbow Bridge for those who have shown him kindness in life.

While in rescue: Thunder has been a faithful companion to an elderly couple his whole life and shared his home with his 18 yr old kitty friend. Unfortunately his mommy passed away recently and his daddy is going far away to move closer to his human son. Unable to take his pets, he is selling all he owns at auction and just wanted to know that his beloved pets would be cared for properly. The rescuer that facilitated this rescue said it was one of the hardest things she has ever done to watch the daddy say goodbye to his beloved and loyal friend. Thunder is very quiet right now, confused and sad. He would probably do best in a quiet home, but has done fine with kitties and has not been a problem around the other dogs. He looks forward to another loving home where he can faithfully sit next to another caring human companion.

Thunder's sponsors: Steve Hitz in memory of Marah & Gretchen. Catherine Bourner. The Miclots in memory of Lexi (who was rescued by Eric & Sonia and shared a wonderful life with them). Cheryl Smith in honor of King. Judith Van Dyke. Linda Kaplan in honor of Kim. Elizabeth Caldwell.

Candy - Adopted October 2007
Candy's sponsors: Tricia, Chris and their GSD Kylie. Sonia Ravin in honor of Sabrina and Shadow. Tricia, Chris and their GSD Kylie. Jill Olson. Sink family. Arnold /Horn family for supplying a month of medication in honor of their foster doggies. Sarah Greene. Cheryl Smith in honor of King.

While in rescue: Candy is a super sweetheart. She was picked up and her family could not reclaim her due to fines. This was the best thing to ever happen to Candy. She had been chained to the stairs of a trailer and lived in the dirt she dug out underneath. She had no veterianry care, no vaccines, and the flies had already begun to feast on her pretty little ears.

She arrived into rescue and was just a lover bug. Her pre-op exam before her scheduled spay was uneventful except that she is thin with fly bites. Even her bloodwork was clear. However, our little lap friend started to slow down and by the end of the week, she couldn't get up, eat, and had severe drainage.

Our vet was very concerned. Her bloodwork had gone rotten, her chest was full of fluid, and we worried about worse case scenarios (since she was unprotected without vaccines). She had many tests done and some sent out to the University. She had to be hospitalized for over 5 days with medications, observation, and IV fluids.

We left the vet that day with the grim thought she may not make it through the weekend. By the end of the weekend, however, she was up and nibbling food, and we all saw a glimmer of hope. Her pneumonia started to clear up and by Tuesday her titers came back and she is Blastomycosis positive. This is a bad and a good thing.

The good news is the pneumonia and the fact she was in rescue at the time saved her life. Due to the pneumonia, our veterinarian ran critical tests that caught this disease very early. She can be successfully treated. The other good news is that it is not a contagious disease, she can be around other animals without concern.

The bad news is that the Blastomycosis is a nasty little problem that has to be treated with antifungals for at least 6 months. She is also intact and cannot be spayed until her treatment is successful, which means rescue is where she has to stay for awhile.

Her hospital bill quickly charged up around $900 (with discounts), and her treatment is a little over $82 a month. Candy is a super special girl, full of love and cuddles. Without a complaint in the world and without a mean bone in her body, this little angel deserves the absolte best from a family willing to adopt and love her once her treatment is complete.

We would be happy to have potential adopters (serious inquiries only) meet her and fall in love, but she will have to remain under our veterinary care until she is healthy. She will be spayed before she goes into a new home. If you have the patience to endure a long distance relationship until she is well, please fill out an application for sweet, sweet Candy.

Update: August 2, 2007
Candy went to see Dr Mary on July 30th for her one month check up. Her bloodwork was within normal limits and her chest x-ray was much improved! She will complete her 3 months of medication, then have a blood test and chest x-ray recheck again and see where we are at at the end of 3 months. Candy has just started her 2nd bottle of medication! She now weighs 52.1 lbs. She is growing like a weed! We are thrilled with the progress (considering she was 42lbs on arrival and dropped to 38lbs when she was very sick). For a puppy we worried wouldn't make it through that bad weekend, we are very happy to see such improvement. Everyone cross your fingers (and paws) for a complete recovery! Thank you to everyone who has helped support Candy during her illness.
—Elizbeth Riddle, President, CIGSDR

Mason (renamed Mulder) - Adopted September 2007
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While in rescue:  Mason is a human oriented cuddly lap dog. Fortunately he is a smaller German Shepherd, so he is a welcome cuddle buddy. Mason is a sweet velcro dog that is perfect for anyone seeking a dog that loves to be with people. He is just starved for attention, food, love and soaks up any loving he gets.

Mason is still quite nervous. He is a fantastic dog, but still nervous and unsure, though very, very loving. Mason is extremely cuddly and wants to be by you all the time. He does fine in his crate when alone. At this time, we are unsure if we'll place him in a home that is very noisy, just because he shows some cowering and nervousness. He'll need gentle loving and time to settle down.

Mason's sponsors: Eden Roy. Cheryl Smith in honor of King. Mark & Janet Koonce in honor of Bodie and Gracie.

Rhett (renamed Rex) - Adopted September 2007
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While in rescue: Rhett was picked up as a stray and named by our beloved veterinary staff. When I described him as tall, dark, handsome, young, and super sweet, they thought Rhett fit. He had a lot of people smitten with him, and they all worked together to get him safe from euthanasia and have a chance for a great home.

China (renamed Sheba China Beauty) - Adopted August 19, 2007
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While in rescue: China has returned to rescue after having been adopted for 2 years. She lived with Dash and several small children. There was some financial difficulties following a move back from another state and the family having to live with relatives. Unable to find family or friends to long term dog sit, they had to return them to rescue. China is a gorgeous dog and is suspected to be part Border Collie. She is very bright, agile, active, and energetic. She would be a fantastic agility dog and could keep her household very active and busy.

China's sponsor: 2007 sponsors: Mark & Janet Koonce in honor of Bodie.
2005 sponsors: Steve Hitz in memory of Marah

King's sponsors: Cheryl Smith in honor of King. Arnold/Horn family in honor of their foster doggies. Sarah Greene.

Sophie - Adopted July 2007
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While in rescue: Sophie was picked up as a stray. Her ears are missing the hair at the tips where flies have bitten her, so she must have been outside quite a bit. The hair will grow back, it is just an indication of her previous life. She is a young Shepherd and wants lots of hugs and cuddles. She is pretty easy going, though has moments of "selective hearing" which a good obedience class could address. She ignores the kitties, is fine with the child, and curious and gentle with other dogs. She wants doggie playmates and lots of attention.

Sophie's sponsors: Cheryl Smith in honor of King. Joannie Vriner.

Mel (renamed Molly) - Adopted July 2007
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While in rescue: Mel is a beautiful girl. She is well-mannered and a good house dog. She was an owner surrender due to time constraints and her owner going to college. Mel is a gentle spirit and really enjoys calm and quiet. Small children are fine with her, except she noticeably does not enjoy loud noise or ruckus. So, a quiet, loving, calm household would probably make Mel the happiest.

Mel's sponsors: Sarah Greene. Thom Shanahan. Cheryl Smith in honor of King. Joy Martin in honor of Giselle and Ludy.

Charlie - Adopted July 2007
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While in rescue:  Charlie was picked up as stray and never reclaimed. He is young and very energetic. He is very puppy and in need of dog obedience and a strong trainer. Charlie is a handsome and nice fellow, working on socialization and snuggles. He bonds readily to those that care for him and becomes protective.

He is still very, very puppy, so he needs a home to train and love him. Smaller children could be knocked over due to his size, excitement, and need for training. He has a very good personality and is strong and confident.

Charlie's sponsor: Philip Starr. Rebecca Kuk in loving memory of her beloved Oscar the GSD. Cheryl Smith in honor of King.

Lucky (renamed Kota) - Adopted July 2007
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While in rescue: Lucky has been apparently anything but lucky. From a shelter as a puppy, there are no medical records after his adoption and then he is here in another rescue program again. He is another very gentle and quiet spirit. He loves to just hang out. With just the tiniest bit if praise or pat on the head, his tip of the tail starts wagging. And turns into a big wag with even more attention. He is very loving and gentle. He hasn't quite figured out how to play with the more rambunctious dogs, yet he doesn't mind any of them. He just stays out of their way. He would probably do best in a quiet and loving home where he could soak up the most loving. He is really nice to our son, but would like a quiet family that doesn't have wrestling and chasing kids. I think he would enjoy another quiet dog, but hasn't joined in to the wrestle mania fun in the backyard yet.

Update May 14, 2007: Our dear Unlucky Lucky has faced more hardship in his life. We woke on Mother's Day to a very disturbing mess and a very uncomfortable and sad puppy dog. After spending the entire morning and early afternoon at the Emergency vet clinic, we were very happy to learn that he did not have any intestinal bugs/parasites/ visible bacteria and that he was Parvo negative. That still left us with a very sick doggie friend though. More tests showed that his bloodwork was normal, X-rays were pretty normal, maybe some (obviously) angry intestines. Silver lining...his hips and spine look great. His urine was a bit abnormal, so the vet is treating him with antimicrobial medication and a bland diet. Shepherds are notorious for their sensitive tummies and the vet believed this could just be a nasty case of stress colitis. Lucky has been very sad since he was given up and he doesn't understand what he did to not be home anymore. He is a quiet and reserved soul that is eternally friendly. We have kept him in the house with us in his own bedroom, so that he could have peace and quiet away from the more playful and rambunctious group. However, he still must be so sad and nervous his tummy got very upset. With medication and home cooked meals, we are hoping his tummy will soon feel better. We'll check with Dr. Mary in the morning and see what she thinks, since he was seen by the emergency vet and not his primary care doctor. He was just cleared and healthy 5-4-07 by Dr. Mary and had been doing very well. If anyone has a better idea for a good name other than Lucky, we'd appreciate the help. It doesn't seem to be helping him so far. His total Emergency room bill was $410.75 for visit, bloodwork, urinalysis, X-rays, bolus fluids, parvo test, fecal exam.

Suggested names: Kota, Kobuck, Ocean, Mutz (moots)

Thank you to those who sent in name suggestions for Lucky! He has been adopted so his new name will have to come from his family.

Lucky's sponsor: Lisa Haas in memory of her beloved German Shepherds: Barney, Poco, and Cody. Ivan Manley. Linda Kaplan in honor of her dear friend Kim. Cheryl Smith in honor of King.

Henry - adopted July 2007
While in rescue: Henry is a cool dog. He is a puppy, playful and has barked when stimulated by interesting things. However, he is a cool guy who can just chill after a while. He fell asleep at the veterinarian if that is any indication. He is a lover bug and seeks a great home who will love him and pay attention to him the rest of his life.

Henry is a very sweet and attached dog. He is extremely loving. He does get a little nervous right now and is still adjusting.

Henry's sponsors:
Philip Starr. Sarah Greene. Mark & Janet Koonce in honor of Bodie and Gracie. Cheryl Smith in honor of King.

Miles - Adopted June 2007
While in rescue: In true rescue style, we were returning home from our family vacation with two German Shepherds, our family, and luggage. Just north of Effingham on I57 there was a furry little dog running northbound on the inside median. Fortunately there was an emergency turn off, where we could pull off and the little Beagle waddled up to us. His nose was worn raw and his pads of his feet were raw. After a quick check, he hopped into the car, curled up on a sweatshirt and fell right to sleep. He was soaking wet and full of thorns. We spoke with a local police officer who reported him to the animal authorities and took our card. After a week without anyone claiming him, this little honorary rescue shepherd was blessed with a neuter and full medical check up. Declared absolutely loving, sweet, and healthy, the girls at the office and the vet just love him. Dubbed Miles for his rescue situation, he now awaits his very own loving home. He has been a perfect guest and other than the usual typical Beagle activities of having to always be on a leash, not being left outdoors alone to run off, and the very occasional bray, he has been a wonderful pet. If you love Beagles and are looking for a velvet earred, cuddle buddy, Miles is the dog for you.

Miles' sponsors: Kathryn Juneau. Chris Stover in honor of Decoy and Belle. Cheryl Smith in honor of King.

Zane - Adopted June 16, 2007
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While in rescue: Zane lived in the backyard of a family for his whole life. He jumped his four foot fence and went looking for friends. His family did not want to reclaim him, so he went to the shelter. He hasn't found a home yet, but hopes he will find a family that will give him the attention and love that he has craved his entire life. He is a beautiful and good boy and deserves to have a family of his very own that adores him and will give him the fun and loving experiences that he has missed so far.

Zane's sponsor: Steve Hitz in memory of Marah & Gretchen. Cheryl Smith in honor of King.

Macy - Adopted June 10, 2007
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While in rescue: Macy is a gorgeous, all German Shepherd puppy. She is a fast learner and picked up on several obedience behaviors quickly, but she definitely needs obedience work. Macy was picked up as a stray and the animal control contacted the owner. He never phoned back, so they went to his house. He said, yes that was his dog, but that they should keep her, because he doesn't have time for a dog. Macy knows there is someone out there that wants her. She is beautiful and intelligent. Very active, playful and just a good all around German Shepherd Dog.

Macy's sponsor: Cheryl Smith in honor of King. Ivan Manley. Bonnie Layland in honor of Gretta and Max.

Gracie - Adopted June 2007
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While in rescue: Gracie lost her home when her owner became ill. Gracie is a wonderful puppy that is very active, playful, and sweet, however she is a dominate dog and has not gotten on well with the older (grumpy) female in the household where she has been staying since her owner became ill. It is believed that the older female may be the instigator and Gracie may get along with other females, but this is unknown. Gracie has made buddies with the young male German Shepherd in the household. Note that Gracie's foster home is near the Peoria, IL area.

Gracie's sponsor: Mark & Janet Koonce in honor of Bodie & Sammie. Ivan Manley. Steve Hitz in memory of Marah & Gretchen. Cheryl Smith in honor of King.

Ace (renamed Casey) - Adopted May 28, 2007
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While in rescue: Ace is a gorgeous 2 year old Shepherd who tested positive for Heartworm. He was transferred to have treatment at our veterinarian's office. He started his treatment January 11, 2007. So far he is quiet and whimpers a bit in pain, but is being a trooper. Treating a heartworm positive dog, especially one that is unaltered, requires a long-term treatment plan. Ace will undergo 2 treatments, then have to heal from those, get retested and possibly have another different shot in a few months. After that, he will have to heal some more. If he tests negative for heartworm after 6 months, we are then clear for his neuter. He can then head off for his new loving home. We always hope for the best and that a family for Ace will be waiting on the other side of this treatment.

Ace's sponsors: Kristine York in memory of her own Ace. Heidi Greene. Erin Chandler. Mike Ross in memory of Buck and Calvin. Jerry Flisnik in memory of the unforgettable Max. Bob Ciraulo in loving memory of Humphrey. Tricia, Chris and their GSD Kylie. Rebecca Kuk in loving memory of her beloved Oscar the GSD. Sumit Simlai. Caryn Andrews in memory of Rocky. The Arnold/Horn family in honor of their foster doggies. Kelly Vitton in honor of Dallas (heartworm survivor). Scott Dillingham in memory of Kirby. Steve Hitz in honor of Dweezel, Heide, and Lonesome George. Bill Friend in honor of Sheba. Keith Rogers in memory of Nico, best buddy and pal, and in honor of his little "sister" Kiya (heartworm survivor). Cheryl Smith in honor of King. Bonnie Layland in honor of Gretta and Max. Jean Gray. Laura Staisiunas in honor of her two rescued German Shepherds, Sage and Feather. Nicolle White. John Ewers and family in honor of Kaiser.

Max - Adopted May 27, 2007
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While in rescue: Max is the unfortunate victim of divorce. In divorce logic, the couple determined that rather fight for him, they would take him to the pound. Lucky for him, he was able to slide into rescue. He had not been doing well at the pound at all, very depressed and anxious. Since joining the family, he has been quite a bit happier. He is doing very well and even helped with yard cleanup the other day by picking up large branches and dragging them around! He is a bit of a spoiled puppy and seeks a loving home that has time to play and cuddle. He is a good boy, but would benefit greatly with his social skills with a couple of basic obedience classes.

Max's sponsor: Linda Kaplan. John Ewers. Ivan Manley. Cheryl Smith in honor of King. Mark & Janet Koonce in honor of Bodie & Sammie.

Maggie (renamed Zoey) - Adopted May 19, 2007
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While in rescue: Maggie is a beautiful and very sweet girl. She has lots of energy to burn and really enjoys canine company to play with. She has been declared a puppy and may still grow some more. She is very fluffy and will require brushing regularly. She loves attention and cuddles and is extremely attentive and friendly. Maggie is looking for a home with many activities and much attention to give.

Maggie's sponsors: Jim Fogarty Jr. Ashley Bowermaster. Ian and Linda Kaplan.

Polo - Adopted May 2007
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While in rescue:  Polo is 4 years old and 84 pounds. He is very well behaved and very intense. Extremely experienced German Shepherd handling homes with extensive obedience experience and a good, strong handling technique will be considered.

Families, with children, looking for a pet will NOT be considered. This is not because he isn't a good dog, but because he will be a new dog that needs acclimation time and loving training adaptation. Children complicate the environment and could illicit a situation that would turn out badly for a great dog.

Polo is a doll and a fantastic German German Shepherd. He requires an owner with extensive training and handling experience of working German Shepherds. He is a giant loving puff ball who likes to laze away in a sunbeam with a good chew bone. Polo was rumored to have already received extensive training in Germany. He is intense and cannot be given an inch, unless you want to be wearing the collar in the family. He will require love, handling, stimulation, and time to adjust and bond to a new owner. Polo has taken the loss of his owner harder than Buddy. Polo, we believe, is still waiting for dad to come home. That will require patience and time of any lucky handler who would take this guy home. Undying devotion, fierce intelligence, and boundless love. However, he is a "German" German Shepherd and not the slobbery, super happy furkids that Americans have gotten used to. He is much more reserved, though cuddly and loving. Experience is a must!

Polo's sponsors: Olga Safronova. Victor and Letha Murney in memory of Chip and Ginger. Tricia, Chris and their GSD Kylie. Heather Shuler in loving memory of Cox. Tony & Rebecca Rose. Caryn Andrews in memory of Rocky. Cheryl Smith in honor of King. Kristina Sturwold in memory of Taz. Cecilia Wong. Steve Hitz in memory of Marah & Gretchen.

Samson - Adopted May 2007
While in rescue: Samson is a beautiful dog that has been through a lot and is ready for a happy ending. His original owner had taken good medical care of Samson with vaccines, neuter, and heartworm according to the paperwork. However, he was boarded A LOT! We suspect this was the reality that led to them giving him away. Samson wound up with a real low life that openly admitted to beating the dog and after a week and a half, decided he didn't want the dog anyway. The right good samaritan happened along and facilitated his move into rescue. Her disgusting discovery, was as she lifted her arms in a routine movement when working around her leash, he dropped to the ground, rolled over, squinted and squealed a horrible, long, cry. This last guy did wonders to hurt Samson in a mere week and a half. Samson has just loved on his female rescuer and learned commands extremely quickly once he figured out she was a sweetheart and he could trust her. Samson loved on our rescue president on meeting, but was initially quite cautious of her husband. Samson has started to realize that no one here is stupid enough to try to hurt a German Shepherd, so he has blossomed into a typical puppy. Other than nasty hair and skin, Samson is in good health and we are feeding him and loving him.

Samson handled his veterinary visit like a pro and took his shots like a trooper. He loved the rescue president's husband within the first day after being delivered the food bowl a few times. They are good friends now that Samson knows he can trust him. Samson has been easy to please and fast to trust once he knows you are not going to hurt him. He is just a baby, and we want to banish the memory of that imbecile forever. If you want a spectacular, handsome, loving, playful puppy to join your family and you vow to love, train, protect and cherish him forever and NEVER BEAT HIM!!!! Please fill out an application for Samson.

Samson's sponsors: Heidi Greene. Mike Ross in memory of Buck and Calvin. Rebecca Kuk in loving memory of her beloved Oscar the GSD. Caryn Andrews in memory of Rocky. Cheryl Smith in honor of King. Kathy Xanders in memory of Duchess.

Buddy - Adopted May 2007
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While in rescue: Buddy 18 months old, very thin at 56 lbs! Should be around 80 lbs! Gobbling up several meals a day and getting fresh air and exercise. A super lover, this cuddle bug wants to lean in for all the snuggles he can get. Buddy is a beautiful blank slate of sweetness and will be a fantastic dog.

Buddy is a younger dog who received much less training than Polo prior to his owner's death. This makes him a more blank slate for training purposes. His young age also makes him a bit happier and outgoing than his friend. However, this dog still is not appropriate for a standard home. He is out of working lines, fiercely intelligent, and very, very active. He loves his ball and toys, and demonstrates his intelligence daily. He is young and could easily be worked.

Appropriate homes that will be considered will have extensive German Shepherd experience. Preference will be shown to persons having owned real "German" German Shepherds, rather than pet German Shepherds or American-bred German Shepherds. Handling experience of working GSD's, plus training experience preferred. This is a gorgeous and wonderful dog who deserves a great life, but demands the right owner. This is not a pet dog, though he'll enjoy being a pet after working or exercise! Homes seeking a pet dog, or homes with children will probably not be considered unless the adults have the necessary experience and proper set up for training a working GSD. Buddy is a wonderful, loving dog, but his intensity and intelligence require mental work and training of an experienced handler and not your average pet home.

Buddy's sponsors: Victor and Letha Murney in memory of Chip and Ginger. Tricia, Chris and their GSD Kylie. Ivan Manley. Michelle Ramlow in loving memory of her German Shepherd--"Handsome Man" Max. Cheryl Smith in honor of King. Michelle Liberton in honor of Heidi. Dolores Hughes in honor of Bailee and Mikey. Leslie Gilbert in memory of her first dog--a wonderful, sweet German Shepherd. Mark Koonce. Joannie Vriner. Kelly Bailey in memory of Duke.

Daphne - Adopted April 7, 2007
While in rescue: Daphne was a sweetheart of a dog. She had crate-trained easily. We leash walked her several times daily without any trouble. She was an angel to walk and sat patiently at the door for her leash to be put on. She adored the family and was quick to warm up.

Daphne's sponsors: Rebecca Kuk in loving memory of her beloved Oscar the GSD. Bob Krejci in honor of Minca. Jane Nadelson. Ivan Manley. Lori Broach in honor of Leia's 6th birthday. Cheryl Smith in honor of King. Kristina Sturwold in memory of Taz

Maggie - Adopted April 6, 2007
While in rescue: Maggie came from a family that loved her very much, but didn't have the time to socialize her as much as needed. She was left alone and in the basement a lot and that was not fair. Maggie was very protective of her home and barked at people when she was on her leash. Now, Maggie plays with the other Shepherds and is a doll. She knows Sit, Down, Stay and is very responsive.

Maggie's sponsors: Rebecca Kuk in loving memory of her beloved Oscar the GSD. Steve Hitz in memory of Marah & Gretchen. Ivan Manley. Mark & Janet Koonce in honor of Bodie & Sammie. Cheryl Smith in honor of King. Kristina Sturwold in memory of Taz.

Zack - Adopted March 11, 2007
While in rescue: Zack was a happy family member who had lived with cats and other dogs. He was a large dog who would require basic obedience skills, but was very friendly and happy. Nothing had been a problem with this dog, except his sheer size. He needed someone willing and able to train him. He was more than willing to learn.

Zack's sponsor: Ivan Manley. Dolores Hughes in honor of Bailee and Mikey. Cheryl Smith in honor of King. Randall Lauterbach. Rebecca Kuk in loving memory of her beloved Oscar the GSD. Steve Hitz in memory of Marah.

Sheba - Adopted March 3, 2007
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While in rescue:  Sheba is a spoiled love bug. She has been loved and cared for and demands the snuggles and hugs from everyone she meets. She has been nothing short of a lady during her time with us. She seeks a loving home that would love the perfect companion to pet and cuddle her on cold nights and go for lazy strolls on warm summer nights. Easy to care for and easy to love, this velcro dog seeks a new loving companion to call her own.

Sheba's sponsors: Amy Goode in memory of Nelke and Hannah. Mark & Janet Koonce in honor of Bodie & Sammie.

Sampson - Adopted February 24, 2007
While in rescue: Sampson (Sammy) was a doll baby. He just loved snuggles and was very grateful to be cozy inside. He had been wonderful in his crate, appreciated his meals, and was just a snuggle bug. Very handsome and all Shepherd, he wanted a loving GSD home to take care of him as a member of their family.

Sampson's sponsors: The Arnold/Horn family in honor of their foster doggies. Kristina Sturwold in memory of Taz. Cecilia Wong. Cheryl Smith in honor of King.

Solomon (renamed Fritz) - Adopted February 22, 2007
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While in rescue: Solomon was a smaller GSD, about 65lbs. He was a sweet and loving dog with a lot of energy to play and enjoy life. He liked dog toys but couldn't seem to make up his mind what he wanted to play with! So, he just got them all out. He had been very good with our child, cats, and had shown no ill will toward any of the other dogs.

Solomon's sponsors: The Arnold/Horn family in honor of their foster doggies. Steve Hitz in memory of Marah & Gretchen. Cheryl Smith in honor of King. Joan Volkmann in memory of Usha.

Rowdy - Retired in 2007
While in rescue: Rowdy has been retired to his current foster home in his best interests. He has room to run, friends to play with, and goes swimming regularly. All of the exercise is necessary to keep him as happy as possible with his obssessive compulsive spinning. We thank everyone for their interest in Rowdy. However, he has not been appropriate for regular suburban life and the ideal home has not come along that is as good or better than his current residence. We have always wanted the best possible home for him, where he could be happy, exercised, and not have to be drugged. His foster mommy is fantastic and is willing to welcome him as her own for the rest of his life. For that we are eternally grateful. Sometimes love extends its arms to a little dog with a minor difference in his behavior.

Rowdy was born around September 16, 2006. He was picked up as a stray when he was 6 months old. When we received him he wouldn't stop spinning (chasing his tail), most likely from confinement in a small cage at a stressful shelter. He had a lot of puppy energy in addition to his OCD spinning. He did love toys and fetch and played a lot and we thought we could steer his energy into work. However, months later when someone came to look at him, he just layed in the grass and wouldn't play . I think he had just become depressed. He was finally adopted by a family months later and then returned due to a family crisis/we don't know. He is a sweet dog and we felt bad he'd been in rescue so long, so we have a special foster home in the country where he can swim and run and play all day. He does adore kissing our small child and soaking in the baby pool. He loves to wade in the river and play with his dog friends and foster mom. He has finally gained weight and been happier out at the farm, rather than hours in a crate and his spinning has decreased, though it will never go away, it is an obssessive compulsion. It hasn't caused any harm to him, so we do not like to medicate unless necessary. He is quite a handsome and really loving dog.

Rowdy's sponsors: Mark Koonce in honor of Bodie. Dolores Hughes in honor of Bailee and Mikey. Claudine & Shawn Dupuis in memory of Kaiser. Rebecca Kuk in loving memory of her beloved Oscar the GSD. Michael and Sherry Eckert in honor of Noir. Eden Roy. Cheryl Smith in memory of Rommel and in honor of Big John. Michelle Liberton in honor of Heidi. Sandra Monson. Steve Hitz in honor of Dweezel and Gretchen (a former Community Dog that is fondly remembered)

Bo - Adopted February 3, 2007
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While in rescue: Bo was just a big puppy. Like most poor GSD's that have been chained and forgotten, he was just basking in all of the love and attention that he could get. He liked to get pets and snuggles and play with toys. He was very quick to break out of his shell and act like the puppy he never got to be. Very rambunctious, very large, and in need of training, this big guy was all Shepherd. He picked up on the obedience during lessons very quickly and was eager to learn. A strong arm and good shoes was a requirement though! He hasd been a pleasure to care for and he looked forward to loving and protecting a family of his very own.

Bo's sponsor: Cecilia Wong. Cheryl Smith in honor of King.

Shea - Adopted February 11, 2007
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While in rescue: Shea was an extremely friendly German Shepherd female that needed a lot of love and attention. She got so excited to get loves and kisses. She couldn't wait to have a captive audience of her own to maul with her kisses. Shea had energy and excitement to go around. She wanted a very affectionate, active family of her very own. Shea had AKC papers.

Shea's sponsors: Eden Roy in honor of Casey. Cheryl Smith in honor of King. Kristina Sturwold in memory of Taz. Mark and DeeGee Williams. Mark & Janet Koonce in honor of Bodie & Sammie.

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