2001 Alumni

Rex — Adopted on December 27, 2001
While in rescue: Rex was a neutered 3 year old, very large, black/tan, German Shepherd that was very good around cats, kids, adults and other dogs. He was affectionate and needed a special home where he would be loved and fattened up. He was a large, 27" at the withers and only 75 lbs. He would probably be over 90 lbs when he was well nourished. He didn't like crates, but did well when left out except during storms. He was blind in his right eye.

Angel (Aina) — Adopted on December 17, 2001
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While in rescue: Angel (renamed Aina by her new family), a 2-3 three year old, large, White German Shepherd truly lived up to her name! She was a very sweet, extremely cuddly, fully crate trained, belly-rub-lover and a gentle soul.

Chill (renamed Tahoe) - Adopted December 5, 2001
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While in rescue: Chill was a 4-5 month old, black/tan, extremely intelligent and sweet little rascal. She was easy to train and was loving and cuddly. She was a little scrapper and would be happy in a family that loved German Shepherds.

Troy (renamed Doc) — Adopted on October 28, 2001
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While in rescue: Troy (renamed Doc by his new family) was a really sweet 65 pound little boy that was black with tan socks and eyebrows. He was a beautiful Shepherd that got along with all the dogs and was respectful of his elders. He loved to play with his toys!

Sally — Adopted on October 6, 2001
While in rescue: Sally was given to us in April 2001 as a heartworm positive dog. Before we could even consider adopting her to a caring family we needed to provide extensive treament for her. As can be imagined, this drastically increased our vet bills. Sally came out of her treatment and was quickly adopted.

Molly — Adopted on October 5, 2001

Leo — Adopted on September 10, 2001
While in rescue: Leo was a sweet, 4-7 year old, white German Shepherd that adored people and belly rubs. He had a rough life, having been hit by a car, torn up by dogs and shot. Shockingly enough, he has held no resentment for any of these things.

Sebastian — Adopted on August 27, 2001

Heidi (renamed Mia) — Adopted on August 24, 2001

Duke — Adopted on August 18, 2001
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While in rescue: Duke was a 4 year old, handsome, black and red, neutered male German Shepherd. He was a little shy, but very sweet. He wa on the small side weighing only 55-60 pounds, but was very well proportioned.

Morning Star — Adopted on August 16, 2001
Morning Star
While in rescue: Morning Star was a 2-3 year old, black/tan, beautiful, German Shepherd found as a stray. This little girl was pregnant and delivered on Christmas. She had lots of spunk and cuddles, and would entertain anyone willing to play. Her and her little ones (lab/shepherd mixes) found great homes and so did she!

Jazz — Adopted on July 29, 2001
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Belle (renamed Shayna) Adopted on July 21, 2001
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Bernie — Adopted on June 28, 2001
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While in rescue: Bernie was a 7-9 year old black/tan farm dog that was perfectly house trained and very mellow. Sweet as all can be, Bernie still played like a pup. He was a stray that was cared for by a good-samaritan and brought to the rescue when she had to move to a city. His had a tendency to want to jump short fences to chase cars or to play with children. He also had some mild allergies.

Baron — Adopted on June 25, 2001
While in rescue: Baron was an 11-12 month old, black/tan, neutered pup with bundles of VERY large puppy energy. This was the perfect German Shepherd for someone who wanted an easy to train, active dog. He walked well on a lead, and learned 'sit' in 15 minutes. He was enthusiastic and already weighed 80 lbs. He was going to be a big, and gorgeous, boy. He needed someone that enjoys obedience work and would exercise and work with him regularly. He had a great temperament and just needed direction in channeling his energy.

Tyler — Adopted on June 10, 2001 Astro — Adopted June 2001

Mister & Queenie ( Luke and Leia) — Adopted together on April 13, 2001
Mister and Queenie
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Tori — Adopted on April 7, 2001

Logan — Adopted on April 7, 2001

Chip — Adopted on March 31, 2001
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Chance — Adopted on March 11, 2001

Jake — Adopted on March 5, 2001

Shania — Adopted on March 4, 2001

Pepper-Anne — Adopted on February 23, 2001
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Cincinnati — Adopted on February 23, 2001

Rocky — Adopted on February 3, 2001
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