Why should I adopt a Senior Dog?

We don't think there is a shelter or person that has met us that does not understand our passion and adoration for the senior dog. We have taken personal ownership of several Seniors over the years and gained nothing but rich positive experiences from each precious life. Some were with us only months, other years.

Miss Shadow doubled her life in our home. She arrived at 8 years old with a bit of a chip, and survived an additional 8 years as the most fantastic member of our family on the couch.

Jake is a 14 year old prized member of our extended family as he hangs with our father. He is so quiet, loving, and easy to care for and love. We love our senior dogs!

We have many containers of ashes from beloved seniors that have blessed our home, and it is devastating to our hearts when we receive the information of one at a kill shelter. Often times they have lost their homes due to their owner's hospitalization, transfer to nursing care, or death. This most loyal, precious, and loving pet can be found scared, alone, and wondering what happened, as they sit on concrete behind a chain link gate.

The response from potential homes that a dog is "too old" causes our heart to break a little each time, though we understand their intentions to some point.

Please remember the seniors. Especially our most loved and dignified Shepherds. Alone, confused, on concrete and chain link, with a complete stranger sticking a needle in to euthanize. This no way to go for any dog, however, after a lifetime of love and loyalty, a loving, trained, calm spirit that doesn't understand, is just too much for us to bear.

Please consider a senior pet at your local shelter or rescue. You will not be disappointed. Whether it is a day, week, or years, they all carry something precious to give, and ask for so very little in return.

Elizabeth Riddle, President, Central Illinois German Shepherd Dog Rescue
Updated November 2011