My pets aren't altered. Why can't I adopt from you?

We link our site to the ASPCA, which is a national rescue organization, to explain the many reasons why we support, and require, all pets in a home to be altered.

Spaying and Neutering has many very real reasons for being advantageous for an animal. See: Why Spay or Neuter? (PDF).

With spaying/neutering...

In females you avoid ovarian cancer, pyometra, unwanted pregnancy, uterine cancer, major behavioral shifts and other reproductively related health problems.

In males you can avoid major hormone induced behavioral problems, prostate cancer, urethral disorders, etc...

Even top notch show breeders with dogs worth tens of thousands of dollars, spay and neuter the animals after they have finished their careers.

Many behavioral conflicts are resolved and avoided in a household where all of the pets have been altered.

Also, if people notify us that they cannot afford the medical care to have their pets altered, they certainly should not be adding more animals to their household. If they cannot afford a simple, inexpensive spay or neuter, they certainly cannot afford regular dental care, heartworm and flea treatments, and emergency care that can top $1000 easily in one day. Those persons should focus their energies and finances on their current pets.

We are always looking out for the best interest of our animals. They have already been through hell to wind up in rescue, and we try our best to place them in the best possible household. Our policies are designed around the beliefs and practices that we believe positively affect animals and reflect our values for the best possible homes.