I can't keep my dog anymore. Will you take him?

(This question is referring to a dog not adopted from the Central Illinois German Shepherd Dog Rescue)

No. We will not take your dog or field inquiries about adopting him. We believe that since you, as an owner, made a conscious choice to adopt a dog, you must now take the responsibility for finding your dog a new home. When we have spaces open up at our rescue, with rare exception, we rescue only German Shepherds in shelters and animal controls since these dogs have no advocates and are faced with death.

Our goal, by spaying and neutering all dogs in our program (and requiring spay/neuter of all dogs on our Community Dogs page prior to adoption), is to lessen the burdens of animal welfare organizations. This means lowering overpopulation and, therefore, lowering the euthanasia rates of dogs— which is our ultimate goal.