Why pay $275-$325 when I can get a free dog in the paper or adopt from a pound for $40 - $75?

Remember, our dogs are fully vaccinated, have extensive bloodwork and often training. The dogs have been quarantined away from contagious disease. Our dogs have also had behavior evaluation and testing around cats, children, small dogs, men and women. When you go to a home that is trying to get rid of their dog, their is no guarantee that they will tell you everything there is to know about the dog, especially if the dog has bitten in the past or has had serious illness. Remember, the interest of that family is to get rid of their dog.

At the pound, the animals have limited veterinary care, very little, if any, handling or training, and are exposed almost daily to contagious viruses and parasites. Again, due to government-based funding, numbers may be a primary goal, and not necessarily a perfect match between dog and owner.

Even after health issues are taken care of, the families are often left with a major behavior problem they must work on, or an aggression issue which results in the agony of destroying the animal.

The main purpose of the breed specific and private rescue is to find, rehabilitate, and create "ready for home" pets — not make one person's problem another person's problem. We want to keep the dogs in a permanent home, not see them back in a few months.

Keep in mind also, that if you take a dog you adopted from the Central Illinois German Shepherd Dog Rescue to the vet, the bill for your first vet visit should look much like this:

2004 costs:
Office Exam: 28.00

If you were to get a free or very inexpensive dog, the bill for your first vet visit may resemble the following:

Spay, Canine (26-75 pounds) : $58.50
Telazol w/Iso (26-75 pounds) : $33.40
Torbugesic: $6.70 (per injection)
Catheter, IV: $19.20
Nails & Ears w/surgery: $.20
Pre-op screen, mammal: $30.00
Office Exam: $28.00
Rabies, Canine (1 year): $12.00
Bordatella, Canine: 13.00
DHLLPP-CV Annual: $15.00
Fecal Flotation: $12.00
Heartworm Test, Canine: $25.00
Intercepter (51-100 pounds): $6.49 (per month)
Frontline Plus, Canine (45-88 pounds): $11.60 (per month)
Panacur-3 pack (51-75 pounds): $24.00

Total Estimated Charges $295.09

If and x-ray is needed, you can add on another $57.

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